Abraham Slamkowski, best known as the Golden age superhero Abraham Slam is one of the lead characters in Black Hammer, the patriarch of the superhero group and a former Spiral City defender.



During World War II, Abe tried to join the american army but got rejected due to being short-sighted.[1] After that, Abe was trained by Punch Socklingham, a famous boxer. When Punch was killed by the mobster known as Mr. Olsen for unpaid debts, Abe swore to hunt down Olsen and Spiral City's other thugs, donning a flamboyant costume to become the hero known as Abraham Slam. He eventually joined the other Golden Age heroes as part of the Liberty Squadron and fought the Nazi forces on the battlefield.

Silver and Bronze AgeEdit

At some time during the 70s, Abe began to question his relevancy when he was almost defeated by the Bronze Age iteration of Cthu-Lou but was saved by the Black Hammer. He ordered a technologically enhanced armor from the Metalsmith, hoping it would allow him to keep up with the times, only to find himself once again defeated by a B-list supervillain called the Mud Master. He then finally decided to put a term to his career as a vigilante.


Despite his old age and lack of recent experience as a superhero, Abe nevertheless joined Spiral City's other defenders in 1986 during the event thereafter known as the Cataclysm, in which Anti-God tried to destroy the Earth after having breached New World. When the Black Hammer dealt his killing blow, Abe and the other heroes were teleported by Colonel Weird onto his spaceship, where Madame Dragonfly put them to sleep and trapped them in the shared dream-reality of Rockwood.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit




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